The Wait…..

The ruins of an abandoned heart waits somewhere, to be restored again…A devastated soul waits somewhere to be pulled together again…

Haunted memories roam the streets somewhere waiting to be free again…

Shackled dreams wait somewhere to be rescued again…

A disturbed self stays afloat cold winter nights, waiting for you…

To come and hold me, so tight..

And just to hear say, it’s okay…

I’m here….


Winter Notes Of The Past….. #FWF @kellie_elmore


Shivering arms
Trying to release blood to our frozen fingers
To move, to play
An abandoned piano
In the middle of nowhere
Waiting to be moved, to be played
On her chest I lay to find
My perfect tune to play
To feel
A search it began
Rumbling random tunes across
To be felt, to be heard
I heard them through
Your hair I felt
Ruffled as I
Winter notes we scribbled
On our hearts
Only to find it rumbling
By your grandma’s stolen piano….

A Window To Us…..

A window to us

I feel alive, with words gushing through my veins. This breeze of cool summers is my muse, to breathe again,to emerge from the isolated dungeons in my head, victorious. I want to feel my bones , my skin, my senses, all of them, on you and melt in you , as if it was for this purpose, we were created. Let go of yourself tonight, to my arms. Those blushing cheeks need to feel my lips on them, to bathe in my love like its the last we’ll ever love each other¬†again, every time. For till the Sun and Moon collide, we’ll dance like the nomads of passion¬†around the meteor shower, that will follow. Let’s feed our craving souls with the fire you keep alive, inside of me. Its so effortless, your beauty, one of a kind, like that Golden Moon twilight, with grey clouds hovering around. It satisfies my senses like no other being, thing or emotion ever could. You are that moonlit path of nights, that takes me to the daylight, I seem to have never known of. Me has now become a subtle state of you, changing it to us, with a transformation so serene and pure, just like you; the good lord swears by it, I swear by it, I live by it, by you. Fill me my love, fill me with your soulful words of eternal dreams and destiny of ours. Every empty space I have in me, I shall lay it by your feet, at your mercy. Its my heart, of cheap glass, mended many a times, its weak now my dear, hold it with your hands enclosed in mine and carry it, but gently. I promise to do the same, even when yours’ boasts of strength without uttering a word. My words are my blood on these blank sheets, stained and torn, yet hopeful of its lovers’ ink. Just close those doors, locked inside, the sparks will fly like shooting stars, making every wish of ours’ come true. Mine did, love, that very moment when your silhouette painted itself upon my wet and stained old window, where my reflection and yours’ kissed, to show, US….