Midnight Sun…..

Midnight Sun

Tiny yellow lights, On big green trees,

Along the sidewalks, in our dreams,

where we walk, at midnight,

Beside the moonlit path, of white pleasures,

Craving your presence, I walked once here,

But now my love, I walk still here,

With you,

Never wake me up, from this heavenly dream,

Let this be my reality, to my grave,

This dream is, what I’ve been looking for,

All my life I searched, but here I found,

In my reality so you, seeming like a dream,

You don’t really know, how my heart talks to my bones,

Of mighty tales, of beating fast,

With every borrowed, touch of yours

I wish for this night, to never end,

For I don’t need no Morning light,

As you are my Midnight Sun, Under

These Northern Lights, of our shimmering love,

Sheltering our bodies in our arms, we thrive,

On each other’s breaths, feeding on your heartbeats,

We shall survive in my “dream”, My reality,

Shine away my Love, my Midnight Sun….


The Soul Wound


You know why shattered pieces of glass are better in your hand… All that you need, to remove them are a pair of tweezers… But Dreams… Oh my! Dreams, when they shatter… They shatter within you… Inside your soul… Where no tweezers or doctors have ever reached or ever will… They rupture your very being, you know… But I took this chance for you… Knowing you’re worth every bit the wound, no matter its degree of pain… As it’ll heal… It’ll heal with every smile of yours… My soul will inflate itself again to fill me full… With happiness borrowed from yours….

Winter Notes Of The Past….. #FWF @kellie_elmore


Shivering arms
Trying to release blood to our frozen fingers
To move, to play
An abandoned piano
In the middle of nowhere
Waiting to be moved, to be played
On her chest I lay to find
My perfect tune to play
To feel
A search it began
Rumbling random tunes across
To be felt, to be heard
I heard them through
Your hair I felt
Ruffled as I
Winter notes we scribbled
On our hearts
Only to find it rumbling
By your grandma’s stolen piano….

Unconditional….. (Inspired response to )


You wrote me some lines, the truth from your eyes…

I do not have words, to explain my feelings…

Just a few broken letters I hold, for you my love…

I was sent for you, from high above….


You rule my mind like the queen unseen…

Filling my night’s dreams, with grasses green…

Wishing to wake up, to your smiling face…

Your thoughts make me smile, with all that grace….


But you are my first, real love per se…

It wasn’t love at sight, but a soul connection they say…

Like the child I see in you, in my loving arms…

My love you are, my eye’s twinkle and charms….


I need your summer kisses with every morning rise…

Right by your side, I’ll lay everyday in surprise…

We’ll grow old together, hand kept in hand…

But our love will be forever, like the sun and sand….


Stay right here in my arms, make me calm…

With every breath we’ll feed, our love storm…

You know I’d never lie, I’m the pages written for you…

You are my author, my love that’s true…


The thought of your beauty, resides in me deep…

A day or a year, in my heart you seep…

Every breath I take, calls for you time and again…

Our love is our freedom, there’s no place for chains….


You have in my heart, the best of the seat…

Strumming my nerves, with your song’s beat…

Melt in my soul, and illuminate in me…

Be the vital force in me, forever serene….

I Hope To Believe…..

I hope to believe

Haunted houses, broken streets and empty souls, no vision, no sights, just a prolonged ache, an ache to be loved, to hold her hand and walk, walk by these haunted house or the broken streets, an ache to look into her eyes, till the moonlight strikes the nape of her neck, till dusk gives away to darkness in that moment when they make love, when those neon angels crash into each other while running for their existence as they know, they know the hurt of the fall that follows, how a couple drops of lime curdle a gallon of milk into a million gooey fragments, making it so soft and vulnerable, just like my heart, my heart where no trace of blood can be found, dried veins, just like my heart about to. I long for that feeling of love, but tired of the aftermath by incidents of the latter. I dream of that girl in the corner of the coffee shop, avoiding any attention, but attracting all of it, like the fire on a church candle, a symbol reflecting purity,  innocence, desire. Hypocritic sometimes, but beautifully even in that. That is something my eyes are longing to witness. She isn’t perfect, but in her imperfections my heart deems’ perfection. Simply because its real, its raw, its untouched, its intense, its unexplored, its not corrupted. That is a fragile reality of her soul. So hard to find, yet so easy and mesmerising to feel by just her presence around you. I’m waiting for that blessing of a moment, or that moment where I feel her 35% devilish and 65% angelic eyes on me or a even a gaze passing by. She exists I believe, living parallel to this judgemental collision of pursuits we call society or the deemed moral architecture, she does. I believe she is waiting somewhere too, looking for me and thinking of me, of all the things we could do or be someday, that day. And when that day will arrive, is a question the universe from answering, but when I do find her, I will lay my hands numb to the beats of her pulse and hold her tight, but soft will be our contact. I’ll loose my way in her eyes, to wash away her sins with mine, we’ll make hard passionate love by the centre of my world. And it will be magnificent, an art is what the linen sheets will show, telling a story only we can hear, of fossilised emotions buried deep inside our bones, bursting to moan, oh so loud, with every thrust of love, confiding in each other’s arms, when testosterone levels will soar high beyond our bodies, when every wrong feels right and there is no wrong, no matter its origin. Its her I’m looking for, you my love. And I believe the universe is, at this very solitary experience of mine, is aligning the stars, one by one, perfectly, for my and you to trip over them into each other’s arms, forever and ever, till infinity defines itself, I shall hope to believe….