Author: harhimmatsingka

About harhimmatsingka

I'm an open book... Pages of which keep fluttering every now and then... and the sound transforms into my words... It's the sound of my heart... Listen to it well and gently... And you'll exactly know who and what I am...

The Pretty Life…..


To Hold Her…..

For a time you hold so dearly
in your heart a desire to hold them tight, visualising them running into your arms like in a vintage movie with a burning desire matching that of yourself…  As soon as you see them during the time that never seems to pass by…
But when that moment arrives, all we are left with are a few uttered syllables in an ever so dry mouth and a crooked smile of unexpectance even though it was very expected…
Why is it so that the heart starts to beat faster than ever, at that very moment…
And we are left with no strength whatsoever to just go up to them and hug them right…
I missed her every single minute she was away, yet all I had to give her was an awkward smile when I saw her…
The truth behind it was more painful than one would imagine, the horrors of a broken heart are way beyond the unknown and the answers to why this feeling is everlasting is still a question mark…
Everytime she smiles, my heart seems to skip a beat, a state of nirvana is what my soul describes it to be…

Her eyes, they twinkle like the light of a million galaxies was trapped in them at their mercy to show them light…

Oh and when she talks, I can barely concentrate on the words that she speaks, instead I lose myself in the oh so sweet sound of her voice my ears were meant to hear, Day and Night! 

Yet, Now just thoughts of holding her till eternity in my arms, haunt me…

The Wait…..

The ruins of an abandoned heart waits somewhere, to be restored again…A devastated soul waits somewhere to be pulled together again…

Haunted memories roam the streets somewhere waiting to be free again…

Shackled dreams wait somewhere to be rescued again…

A disturbed self stays afloat cold winter nights, waiting for you…

To come and hold me, so tight..

And just to hear say, it’s okay…

I’m here….

Midnight Sun…..

Midnight Sun

Tiny yellow lights, On big green trees,

Along the sidewalks, in our dreams,

where we walk, at midnight,

Beside the moonlit path, of white pleasures,

Craving your presence, I walked once here,

But now my love, I walk still here,

With you,

Never wake me up, from this heavenly dream,

Let this be my reality, to my grave,

This dream is, what I’ve been looking for,

All my life I searched, but here I found,

In my reality so you, seeming like a dream,

You don’t really know, how my heart talks to my bones,

Of mighty tales, of beating fast,

With every borrowed, touch of yours

I wish for this night, to never end,

For I don’t need no Morning light,

As you are my Midnight Sun, Under

These Northern Lights, of our shimmering love,

Sheltering our bodies in our arms, we thrive,

On each other’s breaths, feeding on your heartbeats,

We shall survive in my “dream”, My reality,

Shine away my Love, my Midnight Sun….